User Management

User Management

Only administrators can manage users. (The default administrator username and password are 'SYSDBA' and 'masterkey'.) After you connect to server as administrator, please click File> Users to enter the user management interface.

There are two types of users: super users and standard users. Super users have relatively more privileges than standard users. Super users can view and management all data (including data set as 'private' by other users). Besides, it is available to customize users' other access rights, such as read-only, rights for editing public data, rights for import/export/printing, etc.

When a user enters a data record, it is set as 'Public' by default. The user can select 'Private' in the record editing interface, so other standard users will not be able to see this record. However, super users still have access to it.

When you add a new member and select that entry, you can see the related information about connecting to server. And you can copy it by clicking Copy to Clipboard button and send it to other user. (Note: the password will not be displayed for privacy.)

When the number of authorized user is full, the Add button will be disabled. If you want to add a new user, please Purchase another license on our official website. And then click Registration Codes button to input it and to add again.

If you want to manage your private data exclusively and do not share it with others in the organization, you can create a local data file for this purpose.

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