New Information

You can press 'Ctrl+N' in the main window to display the new information window.

Here are some common functions and operations in the new information windows.

Shortcut Keys

You can press 'Ctrl+S' in a new information window to save the current information and close the new information window, or press 'Ctrl+N' to save the current information and continue to add a new entry; if you press 'Shift+Ctrl+S', the current information will be saved, but the window will not be closed.


You can assign importance to notes.

Previous Record and Next Record

If the main window is displaying an information list, you can click a navigation button such as 'Next' to view each entry in the list in turn.

Tip: If you click 'Next', the entry to display is not the one next to the currently edited entry, but the one next to the currently selected entry in the information list in the main window.

Attachments and File Links

An attachment is a copy of the current content of an existing file duplicated into Efficient Notes, while a file link is only the record of the location of a file on the disk.

If the source file on the disk is modified, when you view an attachment file of the type 'File Link', you will see the latest information; on the other hand, if the type of the attachment is 'Attachment', you will see the information at the very time when it was attached.

Tip: File links can improve efficiency and performance. However, if your information is saved in a USB drive, or is to be shared among computers, you'd better use attachments.

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