Network Features Guide

  1. There are two types of access rights of new records: Private and Public. And you can add new records for other users directly. Besides, you can click Tools -> Options -> Network Edition to configure the default access rights of new records.
  2. If you are a super user (whose access rights is access to all users' data), you can click View -> Hide Other Users' Private Data.
  3. If you add a new desktop note for others, the message will “stick” onto their Windows desktops immediately.
  4. Whenever the users add a new entry in this shared file, you can see the latest information by clicking Refresh on the Toolbar(or press F5). If you want to open an entry which has been deleted by other user without refreshing, an interface will appear to tell you: This item has been deleted by other user.
  5. If an entry was editing by two or more users at the same time, the software will save and display the latest information about it.
  6. If a group member has been deleted by the administrator, his or her private information will be transferred to administrator.
  7. There are two ways for administrator to protect your database file:
    1. Please click File -> Password.
    2. You can backup databse file.
      Tip: Before you backup this file, please ensure that all users have disconnected to server. You can click File -> Users to check it.

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