Information Display List

You may often see an information display list in Efficient Notes's main window. Some commonly used operations of the information display lists are introduced below.

Common Operations

When you double-click an entry, the edit information window displays. If you double-click some blank space in the information display list, the window to add a new entry of this type of information will display.

You may select to display all information, or only a specific group of information at the left of the window.

When you click the 'Customize Current View' button, you can configure the options such as the columns to display, the order of the columns and how they are sorted.

Details and Note Content

The details and note content of the currently selected entry may be displayed below the information list (if they do not show up, you can click the 'View' menu to make the corresponding settings).

As the number of fields to be displayed in the list horizontally is limited, you are allowed to view more information (e.g. information of all fields) of the selected entry in the Details area.

The Note Content area can not only show the content of the currently selected entry, but also the attachment(s).

Table View and Card View

Based on your preference, you can browse and manage data either in table view or card view.


When you click a column in the list header, you can sort the corresponding column in the list ascending or descending. If you hold down Ctrl while clicking column headers, you can set the list to be sorted by multiple columns.

If you want to cancel sorting (so the information entries will be displayed in the order they were entered), please click View -> Sort By -> Remove Sorting.

Column Display Order

You can drag a column in the list header to adjust the display order of this column in the list quickly.

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