Common Operations

Get Help

You can press the F1 key at any time in the main window to display context-sensitive help information.

New Information

You can click the 'New Note' button to add note information at any time.

'Ctrl+N' is the shortcut key for New commands. You can use this shortcut key to display the window where a new note is to be created.

Cut, Copy and Paste

The software supports clipboard operations such as cut, copy and paste on the information entries. In the 'Notes' function module, for example, when you select a note in the note list, if it is not being edited, you can press Ctrl+X or Ctrl+C to cut or copy this note.

Note: If there is a flashing cursor in the shape of '|' in the current window, it means the note is being edited.

Minimize the Main Window

By default, when the main window is minimized, Efficient Notes will not be displayed in the taskbar on the desktop, but only as an Efficient Notes icon in the system tray. You can left-click the icon to display the main window again, or right-click the icon to display the popup menu.

If you still hope to display Efficient Notes on the taskbar even after it is minimized, please click Tools -> Options -> General for the corresponding setting.

Tip: The taskbar is usually at the bottom of the screen; the system tray, where Windows displays the current time, is usually at the bottom right of the screen.

Set Password

By default, the file of Efficient Notes does not have a password. If you hope to have your file password-protected when it is opened, please click File -> Password.

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